Ciqi (慈荠杨梅)


4 years old.
Height: 34″-40″
Diameter: 0.5″-0.8″.

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A batch of large-sized Biqi varieties of yangmei were selected and bred in Nanlian Village, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. The locals named it “Ciqi”, and it was recognized as an excellent yangmei variety by the Zhejiang Provincial Forestry Department in 2008. Its most prominent feature is its large fruit shape, with a single fruit weight of 14.25 grams, significantly larger than the single fruit of ordinary water chestnut varieties in the same orchard (9.05 grams).
The fruit is nearly round, with a purple-black surface, soft and juicy, sweet and slightly sour, and slightly fragrant. The average single fruit weight is 13 grams, and the maximum is 18 grams; the production area matures in mid-to-late June. Through the detection of the fruits of Ciqi and Biqi, among the various indicators, the single fruit weight, fruit diameter, total anthocyanins, juice, pH value, soluble solids (SS c13.31%), soluble sugar (total sugar 125.97 mg/ml), organic acid (10.04 mg/ml) of the fruit were significantly greater than or higher than those of Biqi.

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Dimensions 40 × 7 × 7 in


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