Giant Honey King (巨蜜王杏)


3 years old.
Grafted tree.
Height: 34″-40″ after trimming.
Diameter: 0.5″-0.8″.
Fruit ripens in mid June.
Fruit weight: 5.3-9.2 oz.
Hardiness zone: 4-10.

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The Giant Honey King apricot was discovered in a farmer’s apricot orchard in Cangshan, Shandong Province.
The fruit is exceptionally large and has a strong resistance to late frost during the flowering period. It is a rare large-fruited and high-yielding variety of apricot, with high promotional value and cultivation benefits.
The tree has an open canopy and moderate vigor, with smooth branches and oval-shaped, dark green leaves that are smooth and glossy on the surface. The leaf stalks are relatively thick, with a slight purplish-red color. The flower buds are plump, and the buds are pink, blooming into pale white flowers.
The fruit is oval-shaped, with an average weight of 150 grams per fruit, and can reach over 300 grams, uniform in size, with orange-yellow skin and a reddish blush on the sunny side. The flesh is orange-yellow, freestone, with fine and tender texture, and a strong sweet aroma.
This variety is early-bearing, with a 100% fruiting rate in the second year after planting, entering the peak fruiting period in the third year, with high fruit-setting rate, and stable and high yield.
It has strong adaptability, drought resistance, and tolerance to poor soil conditions. It grows and yields normally under extensive management. It shows strong compatibility when grafted onto mountain apricot or peach, and exhibits strong resistance to late frost during the flowering period.
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