Diaogan Apricot (吊干杏)


3 years old.
Height: 34″-40″ after trimming.
Diameter: 0.5″-0.8″.
Fruit ripens in mid June.
Fruit weight: 0.7-1.4 oz.
Hardiness zone: 4-10.

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Diaogan apricot means hanging dried apricot, also known as “tree-dried apricot” or colloquially as “hanging dead dried apricot,” is a common name for the apricot naturally dried on tree.
It grows in Xinjiang, the hometown of melons and fruits, at the foot of the Tianshan Mountains. The apricot tree drinks the water from the Tianshan snow as it grows. Even when mature, the fruits remain hanging on the tree without falling off naturally, and people are not in a hurry to harvest them. When these apricots endure the hot summer climate and dry monsoon winds, they naturally dry on the tree. When the wind blows, clusters of dried apricots sway with it, hence the name hanging dried apricot. Hanging dried apricot is also one of the “Eight Wonders of Xinjiang.”
Bare root shipping. Some leaves and branches will be trimmed off before shipping.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 7 × 7 in


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